Human Hair Wig Care

**If you didn’t purchase a wig stand, it’s highly recommended you do so.  It’ll help you maintain the wig and keep it long lasting for years to come. You can find them on our website at or our Amazon Store.

Prepping the wig:

  • After taking the wig out of the packaging, you may need to douse the wig with a spray bottle and let it sit and air dry to let the natural texture bounce back. Shipping and handling can cause the hair to scrunch depending how the courier sorted it.
  • Almost all human hair has a slight wave at the ends of the hair. If you’re looking for a flat straight look, you can always use a flat iron to straighten the hair. You can also use a curling iron to gives it some curls.
  • The lace will need to trimmed. We always recommend visiting your local beauty professional to have it cut, plucked if desired, and fitted to your hair line.
  • Most of our wigs have combs and adjustable straps for a secure fit. Look on the inside of the wig cap.

How to wear a wig:

1. Use an enclosed wig cap.
    2. Braid your hair and twist it into a flat bun. Use bobby pins to secure hair in place.
    3. If you have long and thick hair, you may want to make it into 2 braids, and wrap it in opposite direction around the crown of head.
    4. Try to have the bulk of your hair sit on the back of your head, from the midpoint to the bottom.
    5. Place the wig cap over your hair starting from the back of the head.
    6. Pull the wig cap down where about a half inch of your natural hairline is exposed. Adjust as needed for a secure fit.
    7. To wear the wig, match the hairline of the wig to your hairline.
    8. Hold the front of the wig in place with one hand. Then pull the wig over the back of your head.
    9. Adjust the wig as needed for it to look natural to you.
    10. Style as need and be glamorous! 

    Maintaining the wig:

    Co-Washing is a great method to maintain your wig. Co-Washing is short for conditioner-only washing. It means skipping shampoo and relying solely on the conditioner. The result of Co-Washing is something between squeaky-clean and second-day hair; that is smoother, softer and easier to manage. If you plan to color or bleach your hair, it’s good to Co-Wash it before doing so as chemical treatments to the hair can dry the hair out. (DON’T use just any conditioner. Look for products specifically labeled with Co-Wash.)

    • Wash with warm water with sulfate free shampoo. (Sulfate is a very common ingredient used in many commercial shampoos, and it drys out the hair. This can cause many different issues down the road.) Use shampoo with pH of 5.5 (No higher than pH of 7). This is to prevent frizz and static, which can cause the hair to tangle.
    • Brush out the wig BEFORE washing.
    • Shampoo mixture should be gradually sponged into your wigs from the ends to the top. (DO NOT rub the hair while washing.)
    • Rinse the hair with warm water thoroughly and gently. Always rinse with the water flowing in the same direction as the hair naturally falls. Run your fingers through the hair to rinse out thoroughly, do not rub.
    • Apply conditioner (pH of 5.5; No higher than pH of 7) and gently use your fingers to work the conditioner into the hair, starting from the ends and working your way up.
    • Rinse out the conditioner thoroughly and gently with warm water from the ends to the top. Detangle any spots as needed.
    • Apply leave-in conditioner or moisturizing oil and then let the hair air dry.
    • DO NOT wrap it up in a towel.
    • Brush the wig regularly.


    What to AVOID:

    • You can use styling products, but do so in moderation. You should use products that don’t contain alcohol. (Excessive use of any styling products can cause the hair to clump together and tangle.)
    • Avoid swimming with the wig on if possible. Chlorine in pools, and granules in lakes and oceans can drastically dry out the hair and cause it to tangle. If you do plan to swim with the wig on, we highly recommend using a swim cap and wash the wig immediately afterwards.
    • Lace is a delicate material. If you experience any tangling of hair attached to the lace, detangle gently with your fingers. DO NOT forcefully brush it out with a hair brush or comb.

    Recommended Product

    • Loop Brush - these brushes have bristles with looped ends. It causes less tension on the lace and wig cap while brushing. Much safer and prevent shedding during brushing. (Search “loop brush” on Amazon).
    • Sulfate free shampoos and conditioners.